ISS Has Another UFO Visitor And It's Cigar Shaped

This is a blatant and also a huge cigar shaped UFO that's literally trailing the International Space Station.

Then, because NASA is being well, NASA they was either slow off the line or they are deliberately allowing this sort of information out because even I know that there's a delay on the live feed. So it begs the obvious question; why are scientists at the world's leading space travel, space engineering company allowing UFOs to be seen on cameras that are attached to the outside of the ISS?

The UFO sighting that happened at the ISS.

Credit: Atlantic Evolution/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The cameras inside the ISS sometimes catch a passing UFO out of the window but the usual, "usual" suspect is the live feed cameras right on every corner of the outside shell and they're all connected to their (NASA's) Live Ustream channel. Somebody must have realised it was following them and even matching their speed and as soon as the UFO began to overtake the ISS which is travelling at 7.66 km/s by the way, it's right then that they then decided to turn off the live screen and replaced it with the legendary blue screen and then the dreaded "technical difficulties slogan". Yep, it's a joke alright, and we keep on laughing at ourselves and don't ask questions, wel I do but all I can do is bring it to your attention.

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It's a standard practice and if a UFO researcher and the public at large can see a protocol and actually predict what would happen if a mystery object appears in the live feed then it is what it is, right?

  • They must know that there's plenty of people watching the live feed so why do they even bother to cut the live feed?
  • Maybe it's a thing called "cover up"?
  • Classified protocols are definitely in place for such objects.

Guys, I love bringing you these amazing UFO sightings and as an added extra bonus, I've deliberately chosen (after researching up on this first UFO sighting) to bring you two UFO sighting's in one video.

This is the dreaded technical difficulties screen by NASA after a UFO sighting.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/ 

NASA’s action's tell me all that I need to know for sure about Aliens existing. I have numerous UFO sightings from the ISS showing every kind of UFO. NASA can't keep up this charade, but they do and they will.

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It's a strange cigar shape, it's white, it's below the ISS and kinda blends in with the clouds from the Earth. Why do you think NASA always turns on the blue screen just as the UFO is coming into focus or just after it's made an appearance? I'd like to know for sure what the answer to that one is, but I've also accepted that we might never get an answer from NASA?

Seriously, who cares about NASA engineers or scientists turning off the live feed, well I do because this is history in the making and it's been kept from the people. It's deliberately been kept away from the eyes of the public. But because I've got eyes and we've all got experts that anyone can go to for them to give us their opinion which I value a lot more than a NASA agency who has never given us a straight answer about UFOs and now that the US Navy released the UAP videos, well we definitely know now that NASA have been lying all along because UFOs are real, they're just called UAPs.

Here's the awesome video description and the video, below; 2 huge UFO are again passing by the International Space Station and again the NASA censured them with the blue screen. It s amazing how often this is happening.

What do they want from the ISS? Are they checking what we are doing?

If you can share this post with someone who you know that will appreciate it then please do so. I also appreciate you taking time to check out my post, cheers.

Credit: Atlantic Evolution/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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