UFO Taunting Eye Witnesses Over Islamabad | Longest UFO Recording By Civilian

This is not a typical UFO sighting because this UFO is just hovering really high above the street's of Islamabad, just taunting people with it's presence and lack of been bothered.

Not every UFO likes to - or probably wants to stand out like a sore thumb, right? So, what's up with this situation here and apparently according to the eye witness YouTube video description it's the longest recording of a UFO sighting by a civilian? I've tried on various browser's with various key words to look this up and it would seem that it's correct because nobody has ever done a list? Like I said, I've looked this up and I got super frustrated because there's literally nothing on this? I'm sure that there must be a list of UFO times spent filming the actual UFO, right? Lengths filmed, UFO sighting lasted etc... I can't find anything related to it, so we've got to give him it?

Triangle shaped UFO with rounded corners hovers over Islamabad in Pakistan for 2 hours.

Credit: Arslan Warraich YouTube Channel/NDTV YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/canva.

After 2 hours hovering above Islamabad in the heart of the city, no wonder this has literally become a sensation there. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what it could possibly be? Everything from the military to it been a drone to a kite and a balloon and yes some funny comedian suggested "swamp gas" which is always the go to answer of the least intelligent amongst us.

Suggestions, opinions and comments:

1. A strange object is definitely hovering in the sky for about 2 hours that it's captured on tape

2. The shape of the object is not very clear which adds to the mystery itself and it definitely looks "unnatural"

3. The object was hovering over the street and stationary but not flying which is strange

4. The place of the UFO sighting is Islamabad, Pakistan

5. The object disappears suddenly into thin air which is super weird

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Let's look at the reason why it was hovering over Islamabad Pakistan for 2 hours and try to make sense of it? That's an excessive amount of time don't you think just to sit and hover? I'm surprised that the military didn't try to intercept which is super weird in itself. And for people to be saying that it's possible it's a drone, well I'm sorry but for that amount of time, for me, it's ruled itself right out of the picture! There's no way that it's a drone, not unless it's got a back up battery or it's switched out "mid air" plus it just hovers there for so long. There's no visible propulsion system. There's even enough time for the local and national news network to get there and that's probably the biggest factor as to why it made it to national news was the length of time it was there... Is it really the longest time anyone has filmed a UFO sighting?

"An unidentified flying object has appeared over Islamabad, Pakistan. The mysterious object has been hovering in the sky for "2 hours" definitely 100 percent ruling out drones and is certainly not a familiar sight for residents of this gorgeous city. It's been quite a topic of discussion with people wondering about its origins and what it's even doing there and are there more elsewhere? Is there more to come is one train of thought as well. It even made it to a national Television News Station called NDTV."

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

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Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots of tourist destinations. All over the world, people are heard talking about the beautiful places in Pakistan, especially the northern areas. In Pakistan, there are various natural features that attract tourists to come here but what on Earth is attracting UFOs. From the northern areas of Pakistan to Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, there are beautiful spots for tourists to visit. Recently, in Pakistan, the residents were heard talking about a UFO that was seen hovering over Islamabad.

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It was a very mysterious UFO and literally just hovering over the streets as if it's a normal everyday occurrence. The mysterious UFO hovering above Islamabad was seen by the residents and many other eye witnesses. What's the reason for it's presence? Is it a drone? Is it part of a television show because Islamabad has many TV shows being filmed there "for real".

I write this website UFOs Footage because I really appreciate what people have recorded and the lengths that some people have to go in order to report these UFO sightings. Some people have in the past lost everything "literally" I'm talking about been fired from their employment, lost their families and friends. Some have lost even more than that which I don't need to mention. It's pretty scandalous how some ordinary people have been treated and you know what, it's to these unfortunate people who I'm thinking about when I'm writing these UFO articles. And personally I have never seen one of these absolutely stunning UFOs. This is why I write about UFOs because it's my passion.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

I've tried (unsuccessfully) to actually bring my writing down to bitesized manageable UFO post's but seriously guy's, I struggle with it as I've always got a lot to say about these exceptional UFO sighting's. Even though I've never seen one (well, I have I think but I can't prove it) but that doesn't mean that I can't write about these UFO sightings does it? No, of course it doesn't stop me from writing about UFOs.

Arslan himself admitted he struggled to make anything out at all at first but that, upon closer inspection he "could see it was roughly the shape of a triangle with a clear bulge on top towards the back".

 Joe dot com

So imagine my surprise when last night while I was on my computer, I saw a UFO in the sky. It was beautiful, but also a little bit scary because it was hovering over Islamabad, Pakistan. It was like nothing I had ever seen before and I wish I could have been closer so I could get a better look at it.

Capturing over 13-minutes of video, the object appears to move at different points with the clearest footage coming at around 2:35 onwards. The onlooker even used his iPhone 13 Pro Max to zoom-in on the mysterious shape floating thousands of feet above the ground.

Arslan Warraich, 33

Here's the undeniable, absolutely amazing and jaw dropping video which was uploaded to YouTube by Arslan Warraich (himself) channel:

This is a decent amount of time that it was filmed for, if you know anyone who would appreciate this, please share it with them, thanks.

Also if you have any thoughts or opinions on what you see, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers.

Credit: Arslan Warraich YouTube Channel/NDTV YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/canva.

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