Santa Clarita California UFO Sighting Last Friday Filmed By Eye Witness

Here's an absolute stunning video of a UFO that was simply flying over the open water just last Friday the 10th June.

A dark looking UFO was filmed over the ocean in Santa Clarita in California US and then took the eye witness by surprise when it appeared to jump forward and leaped really far ahead from where it was expected to be as it passed the trees in the video. It appears to have come from the left of the screen where the filming was conducted and heads to the right area of the video.

Fantastic video showing a Santa Clarita California UFO sighting.

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Close up look at this Santa Clarita CA UFO sighting.

Credit: John Hull Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Canva.

In its (the UFO) trajectory, it appears to be changing it's speed or at least its jumped with a lot of speed involved which it's a strange thing to "nearly see" because the trees are in the way. It's a really dark and strange colour as it moves across from the left to the right. Its color also seems to be not changing (someone suggested that it might be) as it flies through or in and out of a portal? What else would account for the jump and leap forward?

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It could be utilizing an unknown number of things like the first been the portal, the second one could be unrivalled speed and abilities of some unknown kind? It could be a kind of lapse in judgement and the camera just didn't keep up? The UFO is not being illuminated by what looks like a pinkish colour referring to the sky but it's unknown if this is a reflection from the Sun?

At one point you can see it take what looks like a sudden movement or jolt forward toward its (the cameras) right. This footage could also be proof of alien life visiting Earth or even a government cover up in Santa Clarita, California in the United States? And in order to conduct their experiments (UFOs spying and surveillance) they are checking what kind of reception people give them regarding these UFOs.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

A UFO was caught on camera hovering over the ocean in Santa Clarita, California. The sighting comes just a few weeks after scientists announced they had identified an alien radio signal that has been detected.

I have a lot of friends who are avid UFO hunters and love to watch the skies for signs of alien life. They're always talking about how they've seen a UFO around this time of year. Even I'm guilty of being excited about those sightings, especially when it sounds like there might be a government cover up. When I heard about the sighting in Santa Clarita, however, my first thought was that it probably wasn't an alien spacecraft.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

It looked more like it could be a drone which would really put a dent in our excitement level. But why check out a video that you know contains misinformation? What's the point in that? Well, there was something interesting about the video and I wanted to continue watching to see what it was and when it jumped forward that was awesome.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News:

There's a lot of people who want to speak about this UFO sighting, it's a fantastic UFO sighting. Please leave your thoughts and opinions on what you think is happening here? Also please share it with someone who would appreciate it, cheers.

Credit: John Hull Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Canva.

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