Nazca Mummy Isn't Human According To Latest DNA Results | Even Stranger There's Egg's In Stomach

This is about as bizarre and outright strange as you could get with regards to the Nazca Mummy because there's not only three egg's inside her abdomen there's an implant and there's hollow bones plus now raw energy flares are filmed when X-Ray's was taken!

Yes, you'd be absolutely correct in assuming that this is a strange case and not only that but it's one strange thing after another, wouldn't you agree? Does that make it a fake, does that make it real or does it sit somewhere in between? I'm edging my bet's on this being real just because if it's got this far, if it's literally traversed the landscape of numerous biologists, archaeologist's, evolutionist's and so forth and so forth then there's got to be more to this than just bit's of animals and humans thrown together. Oh and it's got three long "Alien like" fingers and toes to boot - quite literally, in modern-day setting's anyhow lol. To boot.

Have been discovered inside of the Nazca Mummy called Josefina.

Above is the eggs discovered inside Josefine the definite non human entity. It's such an intricate story all of this and then there's the probable expectation that you'll get these Nazca Mummies mixed up because there's been a lot of these discovered. The one we are dealing with is called Josefine.

Full body photo of the Nazca Mummy being examined by experts.

Credit: Movies/Gaia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The photo below shows what looks like an energy or light being emitted from the same region where the implant is within the being's body. This has been caught on film four times up to now.

Photo taken whilst the Nazca Mummy was X-Rayed showing a energy light coming from the region where the implant is.

The below photo shows us the skull of the Mummy which is very pronounced and very defining. There's also some speculation as to what the pieces are in the mouth region and guesses are that it's pieces of metal? What's your thought's on all these superb photos?

The elongated skull of the Nazca mummy shows maybe metallic pieces in the mouth region.

Credit: Movies/Gaia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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The excellent photo below is of the implant which is still inside of the Nazca Mummy! Just what is going on with this and why is it giving (possibly) a weird electric or energy light emitted from this region of the Mummy when it's X-Rayed? It's very strange and definitely has the hallmarks of "strange". Also, don't you find it really odd that once upon a time the Peruvian Government dismissed this without even looking at it as a fake and a hoax but as soon as the results are in, they're demanding it? It's a typical UFO scenario just as mentioned on Exonews the same is said that as soon as we all had UAP disclosure of the Government declassified UAP videos, everyone's attitudes changed and that's when everything shifted into overdrive!

The implant inside of the Nazca Mummy could be giving off an electric or energy signal under X-Ray.

Credit: Movies/Gaia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

See what I mean, I never deliberately kept the fact that it's got three fingers to the end of that to drive home the point that it's one thing after another because in any situation or talking about the Nazca Mummy, it should be the first thing anyone thinks about in relation to this Mummy?

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Bizarre, strange, or should I say "highly strange" because these are the best word's to describe this 

One recent test conducted by the university was to insert a fine needle into one of the alleged eggs and (unlike the case if it had been a stone) it went through. Some material was extracted and I will try to find out if it was or will be tested. But the most unusual part of the event that keeps happening is the imaged energy coming out of the central part of Josefina’s chest implant.


This absolutely amazing event has occurred on no less than four times on separate occasions and that's the most interesting thing about it because it generally is about as rare as chicken teeth! Its a totally anomaly and also the authorities from the start of this story have dismissed them all (other alleged Alien Mummies) and because of that they've seemed to have taken a bias against all alleged Alien Mummies. It's totally wrong because it's an Government institution so they should be following protocol, right? They should be following a set of already established guideline especially because it's involving antiquity which is a laid down set of laws, by Government!

Not everyone likes the Nazca Mummy story, they think it set's a bad precedence for Ufology, scientific research, archaeology, biology etc the list is long. But it's been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that it's not human DNA which was extracted and maybe this is why the Peruvian Ministry of Culture wants to confiscate them. Whereas before, they said; "the mummies were not part of the national patrimony" and now they say that they are... Oh what an interesting web they have weaved because when the results came back everything was kicked into fifth gear so-to-speak! Because these are not human remains and because they've got 3 fingers and toes etc with implants and hollow bones, of course it makes sense that the Government of Peru absolutely are gunning for them, to get them back and then they will no doubt poke and prod and whatever else they will do with them? You must read this latest update from Exonews about this.

Here's the excellent video which was uploaded to YouTube by Free Movies:

YouTube video description:

A non-human, alien mummy found recently in Peru, could be the greatest discovery of all time, re-writing history as we know it. Dating back 1600 years or more, some experts say it is evidence of an ancient alien reptilian race.

Comment by "Steve:"

Fascinating! When you pair it with the Nazca lines, you can see there has to be some kind of alien connection here.


I've recently just discovered a relatively new video showing "Josefina" the Nazca Mummy which is the name given to this being. Check it out it's a video on Facebook on Extraterrestrial Mummies Of Nazca.

Here is a video I took on Wednesday, November 06, 2019, while at the San Luis Gonzaga University of Ica, Jaime Maussan of Mexico and other French and Russian researchers presented biochemical, tomographic, ultrasound, DNA and carbon 14 studies done in the last two years to these strange beings. To see them in person are impressive. You immediately feel in front of something unique!

Extraterrestrial Mummies Of nazca 

Credit: Movies/Gaia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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