Huge UFO Cluster Over Nevada's Area 51 Seem To Disappear And Reappear look

This is just a quick video of a UFO formation of what must be at least 30 UFOs all really close to each other.

Like I said there's around 30 UFOs (or Bird's) that all look white and they're probably in the shape of UFO Orbs? My reasoning for saying that they're probably Orbs is because by far, and that's a long far the UFOs that are reported to myself alone are Orbs. The eye witness is right there, he's got a front row seat to this sighting and if it was Bird's I'm pretty sure that he'd say this straight away. It's easy to determine if it's Bird's so that's why I'm going to be going with the eye witness on this.

UFOs flying across Nevads are filmed disappearing from view and reappearing.

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UFO cluster over Nevada's Area 51 seem to disappear and reappear.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Pinterest/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The photo below is from Area 51.

Credit: Space Imaging/Arham Shah.

Amazing photo of Area 51 uploaded from just 5 day's ago 2nd June 2022.

These Orbs seen flying over the Nevada desert are white with a definite glow to them so it kinda rules out a flock of birds? I'm not to sure but I'm open to these been a flock of white birds over the Nevada desert, just because it's better to have an open mind? The fact that we can see them individually glow or shine as it whete, for me rules out birds. That's a metallic silver surface if ever there was one.

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They all seem to be appearing and then on cue they all collectively disappear but not long after they all reappear again. It's about as strange as you can get and the eye witness obviously while there he knew this as well and that's why he's got his camera out and started to film the UFO event as it was happening. It's definitely a guy filming this because around the halfway point through the video we hear him point out that it's still there.

So, if this is a UFO cluster then it needs looking into? One person left a comment on Pinterest on the Mysteries Unexplained page; A flock of birds.. prob'ly Gulls. I've seen them fly just like that here in Iowa. They fly in perfect formation and they will bank and turn (all at the same time) frequently, exposing their white feathered bottoms to sunlight. It's no more complicated than that. Gulls-1...Ufo's-0

I'm not ruling it out that this is not a flock of Bird's but seeing as how little we know about this exact UFO sighting, it's still got to come under the UFO sighting realm's. What's your thoughts and opinions on what this could be?

Here's the strangest UFO sighting over Nevada not far from Area 51:

This is near Area 51 in the Nevada desert, it's probably one of the least secret "top Secrets" because everyone and their aunty Peggy knows what goes on there and they all know where it is! Yes, that's pretty lame on the scope of best kept secrets. If you have any thoughts on this or any opinions on what you think is going on here, please can you share them in the comments section below, thanks. Please share this post with someone who would appreciate this, cheers.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Pinterest/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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