Probably The Best UFO Sighting Filmed In Brasil

This is a stunning video of a flying Cigar shaped craft that's got a unusual colour light on one end of the"ship."

The eye witness was randomly filming between 2 houses when he happened upon what can only be described as a Cigar shaped UFO which looked as though it was made out of a metallic silver material? It actually hovers over Brasil for quite some time before it seems to slink off to who knows where and the strangest thing about this UFO sighting is the it has a strange colour light on what I assume is the front of the UFO? It's almost a pinkish red light?

Brazil UFO sighting that looks like a Cigar shaped UFO filmed with a pinkish red light on the front of the UFO.

Credit: Alien Skywatcher YouTube Channel/UFO News/Ufosfootage/UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

As a UFO researcher, UFO enthusiast and general hobbyist in all things considered mystery and conspiracy theory, I'm hoping that "zero day" will happen in my lifetime! I'm bringing a new saying to Ufology and I'm calling it "Zero Day" or basically the first day Extraterrestrial entities are either introduced to humans by the Government or the day that the Extraterrestrials introduce themselves to humanity.

  1. Will it be by TV or radio?
  2. Will the Government allow Aliens to introduce themselves?
  3. Will Aliens surface in my lifetime?
  4. Are Extraterrestrial entities good or bad...

I've just been introduced to this exceptional looking UFO sighting which happened over Brasil in 2018. There's absolutely no other information whatsoever with this and if your familiar with my research then you'll know that I tend to report on the UFOs least represented because I feel that we cannot simply ignore them just because there's no time or date with it. And believe me, even the mainstream media platforms that do sometimes report on these amazing UFO sightings, even they will only report on the UFO sightings with a time, a date, a place and someone's name that they can put to the sighting! Go ahead, check it out for yourself?

Brazil UFO sighting from 2018 looks awesome and realistic to me.

Credit: Alien Skywatcher YouTube Channel/UFO News/Ufosfootage/UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

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Once upon a time, pilot's who saw a UFO and reported said UFO was not only sacked immediately but also they where banned from flying. I mean, nobody wants a pilot that saw a UFO flying them to sunny Spain or the USA do they? Well, that's the bad old day's and thing's have progressed a lot since the day's of old and we've progressed as a society that doesn't laugh or fear the unknown because we've come to realize that just because something is different, that doesn't mean that we should ignore it and hope it goes away! We embrace it, we actually look to our leaders now who've started to take the reins and are releasing what we all knew was real all along.

Brazil is such a beautiful country having advanced aerial technology capable of detecting incoming foreign objects so I'm pretty sure that "somewhere" out there in a building that's government owned is a big floppy disk marked with the words "Ovni 2018"!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

I bet it's rammed, crammed, stuffed full of surprises that if they was to be released it would instantly cause euthoria within the UFO community? But alas, a lot of South American countries aren't known for their tolerance and outside of the box thinking and as far as progressive thinking goes, well it's a case of if it's not broken, don't fix it. Changes don't generally happen unless it's something that is really in the best interests of the country. So it waits to be seen if any of these countries will officially release UFO sighting's and even though we've had Mexico release UFO sighting's, there's a lot that needs to be done around the world for Zero Day to happen.

Here's the really good UFO sighting from over Brazil filmed in 2018 filmed between 2 houses:

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Credit: Alien Skywatcher YouTube Channel/UFO News/Ufosfootage/UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

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