NASA Track's Unknown Spacraft Slam Into The Moon

This all comes on the back of NASA's announcement that the agency is going to be honest with the public and work with the Government and it's own astronauts regarding UFOs and as and when it's astronauts see a UFO.

This is all well and good but it's taken way to long just to get to this point and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that NASA's ethos, it's main objective has been to look for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space? So I don't know what to believe?

NASA's been tracking an unknown Spacecraft since 2015 and now it's crashed on the Moon.

Here's the craft crash site on the Moon.

Double crash site on the Moon.

Credit: NASA/Pentagon/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

See, to me it feels like they've just been sweeping it all (evidence of Extraterrestrial life) under the proverbial carpet? Doesn't it strike you as odd that NASA in 2022 has only just commited to what it set out to do way back when TV shows was all filmed in black and white? It's easier to say that and give you a general idea as to how long ago this actual commitment was to the people of the United States? Millennials will be like "damn that's like Celine Dion old" or isn't that when M&M's was just a sweet lol.


NASA says two large craters were formed when a mysterious rocket crash-landed into the moon. But they're not sure where the rocket came from.


Look, the politics of this can be argued all day long, literally till the cow's come home. But the fact is that NASA tracked a mystery craft and then it crashed into the Moon leaving not just one crater but two craters and we can definitely see what looks like... Well I will let you decide what it looks like? This was the 26th June 2022.

NASA gave a statement which part of it said and I quote:

It's unlike anything that we have seen before.

Only one astronomer has gone on the record and said that he thinks that; "it hails from China?"

But and here's why I certainly don't think that this is a Chinese spacecraft:

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted the spacecraft and started tracking it through space back in 2015. The rocket crashed onto the moon on 4 March 2022 and was travelling at over five kilometres per second.

The space agency published a post about the unidentified spacecraft on 24 June alongside photos of the crash site. 

NASA wrote in part:

“Surprisingly the crater is actually two craters, an eastern crater (18-metre diameter, about 19.5 yards) superimposed on a western crater (16-metre diameter, about 17.5 yards).

But I genuinely don't know about this because China's first launch was on 24th April of 1970 which was just a satellite. If NASA can't or won't identify it and they've (NASA) been tracking it since 2015, that's 7 nearly 8 year's of tracking an object which came close enough for NASA to get a good look at it but yet still they either can't identify it or they literally won't identify it to the public? But seeing as though it was NASA who has released this information, it seems unlikely that they're keeping it in the top secret drawer. They could have just ignored it and gone to the next thing, right?

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So that tells me (unless it's a double bluff) that NASA is cooperating with the Pentagon, CIA etc in regards to the recent UFO event's and announcements in Washington DC. Which I truly hope that NASA stick to it. I also hope that it means NASA will open up previously dismissed UFO concerns? Let's see what happens and if they're as commited to being open and honest about UFO disclosure we should see a high increase in freedom of information requests been honoured and truthfully given without redaction or suppression of the information therein!

Watch this space, excuse the pun.

Here's the straight to the point video uploaded just a few days ago to YouTube by WFAA channel:

Here's another video of the Pentagon's C3 Open Subcommittee Hearing On Unidentified Aerial Phenomena:

I'm sorry but I'm not going to apologize for having disbelief in NASA and pretty much everything that they've ever done or said because I'm still holding a grudge against them for switching the screen's off or switching the screen to a "blue screen or NASA's infamous experiencing technical difficulties" screen which if your aware of this, you'll know how frustrating it is. NASA cannot all of a sudden say "okay we will now start accepting that UFOs exist" because wait a minute, they've got a super back catalogue of camera footage from the ISS because only the live feed supposedly went down. There's that many cameras on the ISS with back up systems because control needs to be in contact with the ISS at all times, so until they release all the footage, we can't take them serious. This is a gesture by releasing this but no way does it come close to the thousands of times they deliberately shut off the live feed.

By the way, if a live feed goes down, it does not cut to a JPEG. It cuts out, period. That's a deliberate switcheroo! I wouldn't mind but with all the outages you'd think they would have a back up live feed right? They do everything else, every system on the ISS has a back up - except for the live feed, yeah okay NASA pull the other one it play's a tune "liars."

Credit: House Intelligence YouTube Channel/WFAA/NASA/Pentagon/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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