The Most Detailed Head Surface Sculpture on Mars You'll Ever See

The fact that this head on Mars is still there after 11 years of been found by Scott Waring tells me two thing's of which, number one is this:

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  • The erosion on Mars definitely isn't enough to erode any of the details of this human looking head sculpture or depiction. But apparently it should have been enough because...
  • The face on Mars found (photo at the bottom of the post) in the 1970's actually eroded within just a few years according to NASA. So, why one of these two epic looking designed depictions of human beings erodes but not another - is thee biggest mystery in this.
  • Did you know Scott C. Waring actually discovered the Face on Mars? Yes, it was 43 years ago and you know what, I have no reason to doubt him as he's never lied that I know of so well done bud.

Number two bullet point above is actually a different sculpture, anomaly or depiction or even artwork.

It could be an attempt at communication or something else entirely on the Mars surface by an ancient Extraterrestrial species?

This is a human looking head that was found on Mars by Scott Waring.

Credit: NASA/Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

How comes that one eroded really quickly? Or is it because NASA controls the photos of Mars and that's why it is Eroded?

Because this Sculpture of a complete head on Mars was relatively unknown, I mean even I hadn't heard of it to be fair. Have we worked out that NASA only focuses on the more famous of anomalies than the relatively unknown ones?

UFO Sightings Daily's Scott Waring, has been researching whatever he likes for a while now. Whether it's Mars on a Monday morning or the Moon on a Sunday night he's always finding something odd with NASA’s photos and videos.

I don't think it's just a coincidence especially one after the other. And, I also don't really think he's ever posted anything that he can't give a good rationale on or about and it sounding absolutely spot on.

To me, he seems to be on to something in every video or post. 


Here's an old discovery I made back in 2010 and wanted to revisit it to see if its still there and it sure was. I really thought that Google Mars map would have edited these faces, figure and giant arrow out... But they didn't and thats rare. Usually objects are edited out within 3-6 months after reporting them on Google Earth, however, Mars map is less edited.

Date of discovery: 2009-2010, but revisiting today.

Location of discovery: 33°12'29.82"N, 12°55'51.21"W

Is that why we are still seeing this head on Mars (not the face of Mars) because it's kinda unknown? It's been 11 years since Scott Waring discovered this amazingly detailed depicted head on Mars and it looks like it's not changed one iota.

This is the Face on Mars as found in the Cydonia region of Mars.

Credit: The Face on Mars. Discovered in a small part of the Cydonia region, taken by the Viking 1 orbiter and released by NASA/JPL on July 25, 1976.

Can you see how one discovery can lead onto another different discovery? Each time I look at this image of the blatant looking human head, I can't help but think that humans came to Earth from a probably dying Mars and settled here on Earth.

Credit: NASA/Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

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