UFO Orb Yesterday 25th June, 2022 Over Church Spire Mitchelstown In County Cork, Ireland

This UFO Orb sighting occurred over Mitchelstown in County Cork in Ireland only yesterday directly above a Church Spire.

It was filmed at 5:15am Saturday the 25th of June, 2022. The eye witness has directly contacted me and asked me to not publicly put his name to it.

UFO Orbs are practically everywhere and I mean that everyone is seeing them.

Filmed at a Church whilst the UFO Orb was flying around the area at 5:15am, Saturday 25th June, 2022. That was yesterday.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of a UFO Orb seen yesterday on Saturday the 25th June 2022 5:15am.

Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

UFO Orb sighting's are absolutely on the rise. I genuinely can't keep up with the amount of UFO sighting's that are being reported to me, I definitely need a glamorous assistant. But I'm trying my best to honour Ufology and publicly post as many as I can through various different sources and social media platforms. As long as there's a public account of the UFO sighting, that's great because of search algorithms etc it allows for researchers to find them.

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UFO sighting description:

I was looking at it for the last 2 days. Was thinking 1st it was a passanger jet but no wings, no propulsion. Kind of looks like a tic tac, was in Cork Ireland saturday morning 5:15 am.

Its a small town where im from called Mitchelstown County Cork, Ireland. I also checked a sky scanner app to see was there any commercial planes in the sky at that same time and nothing.


UFO Orbs, the most abundant UFO sighting of all. Everyone and their aunty is either filming them or just stand in awe. This is my personal opinion and actually it's my long held, long standing belief: I believe that UFO Orbs are surveillance drones from human beings in the future. Time lines, important event's must happen. If you think about technology, where is the Smartphone in your hand right now, what is it's offspring going to look like in 5 generation's? 10 generations, using 6G, 9G, 15G?

Guy's, there's a motherboard with a connected dish that has brain tissue inside of it, it's hooked up to this motherboard and it plays computer games! I kid you not, it's not preprogrammed game instructions. It's been controlled by the brain tissue kept alive! It can play Pong, it learned how to play it faster than AI, link.

So where is Ufology going to be in 100 years? Can a sphere, white in colour be sent back in time, or can instructions be sent back in time with instructions on how to create such a device, gadget "machine" or whatever it is? I do know that it has no visible propulsion system? I know that it's hard to describe, is it a aerial vehicle or a drone, a unmanned aerial vehicle something that is not known to mankind? Look let's go back 30 year's and try describing a smartphone app to "anyone"... It'd be near on impossible unless you had an app every now and again popping up in the TV or as your walking down the street lol just like a UFO?

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It's a truly strange sight seeing a UFO and just trying to make sense of it, well that's enough to bring out a whole host of thought's that you did not know you even had! UFOs have that ability to bring out the hopeful, to bring out a brighter tomorrow and it get's the brain tissue (excuse the pun) thinking. Are they human beings creating these UFO Orbs now somewhere on this planet? Are they Extraterrestrial devices recording, surveying humans? Are these "abundant" UFO Orbs from the future somehow given that technology leaps do not sleep, it can't sleep. It's literally just like a Genie in the bottle that cannot be put back. So based on that titbit of knowledge, the future is definitely happening, and it's not over there or measured in time.

It just "is"

Please share this post with someone who would appreciate it, thanks. Share your thoughts and opinions on what you think of this, cheers.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News channel:

Credit: UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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