3 Highly Probable UFOs Above The Moon's Surface

Three highly probable UFOs above the Moon's surface even trailing shadows and all three of them look about as genuine as any UFO should look.

Are these game changers, are these three UFOs above the Moon's surface real, are they sending up any red flags and do they feel right most of all? And the answer to that is sn sbsolute resounding yes. I don't have any qualms whatsoever about saying that these are "in my view" real. Even though I can't reach the head of NASA Bill Nelson and ask him directly to investigate this particular UFO sighting, although I'd like to be able to bend the ear of any officials it's not the done thing and Ufology is all about helping the cause.

Three amazing UFOs above the Moon and caught by amateur astronomy guide.

These photos are pretty good, but they don't convey the same message as well as the video below does! Filmed near Montreal in the late afternoon 2020/03/26.

Three UFOs circled in red perfectly filmed through a telescope above the Moon's surface flying from the right to the left.

Credit: Jean-Michel Tenac YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

People tend to have misconception that if you post a UFO sighting that is 50/50 real or not, your somehow harming Ufology which absolutely 100 percent isn't the case. If you don't ask questions then you may as well go home, shut the door and go to sleep! If your inquisitive, curious about a UFO sighting that you'd like more answers to then you go right ahead and post them. Even if it turns out later down the line thst people don't agree with you. Ignore them! Just because they don't like the look of it, or even if it turns out that it's a clip from a movie, you go right ahead and you ask questions! That's how society works and do not be intimidated by people who might be especially vicious with words.

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It's not a Republic of one, it's a Democracy of all and everyone has a voice. If your question is "questionable" it doesn't matter my friend because if you would like to know more, then you are in the right place. There's no such thing as a wrong question, only people who try to suppress them! If you believe that your question has value, then you absolutely 100 percent go ahead and post it anywhere. It's on them if they can't handle a question and if they want to sound like a nasty, vicious, irritated buffoon then let them because real Ufology people can see inquisitive and curious minds as a good thing. Everyone is at different stages of knowledge.

Would you walk into a gym and start berating a person for lifting small weight's just because you lift big heavy weight's? No you wouldn't, so why would you do that to people who are asking questions? It's exactly the same and 8f your doing it to look like you've got vast knowledge about UFOs, then it's outweighed by your nastiness, arrogance and downright stupidity.

Question everything don't be afraid of speaking up.

Why have I written into the title of this blog post, that there's three "highly probable UFOs above the Moon surface? Well I'll answer it in the same sentence and that's because it's A. looking like a real UFO video and not tampered with, B. It's not been debunked and C. nobody else has just randomly said it's been debunked. A lot of people like to randomly write that without even referencing the source just to throw doubt on something if they don't believe it's real. It's a form of manipulation by someone trying to manipulate your thought's so don't be suckered into believing it. Ufology doesn't need that kind of thing "for sure".

With many year's experiencing these types of thing's I kind of get a feel for what's intriguing, it's certainly interesting even if it turns out to be a hoax, it definitely looks real! Every UFO researcher is just bringing information regarding UFOs and disclosure to anyone who will read or listen. It's a gathering of information task and then delivering it to people. It genuinely looks like it could be real. If someone is out there faking UFO sightings I'd like to know why? Why would someone deliberately want to pull the wool over peoples eyes? It doesn't make sense to me unless it's for nasty reasons, that I understand because I understand people can be harsh. It's probably real, my gut feeling's are saying it's 50/50.

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Even if someone comes out of the woodwork and say's I made it on photoshop, can we truly believe it because if they're admitting to creating a lie, they could be lying then? If someone says it's been debunked, they could be making it up or they could be quoting misinformation? Once a UFO sighting of good quality is online, nobody can 100 percent say for sure "anything anymore" there's just to many possibilities!

But, there's definitely no way that I can be a hundred percent on any UFO sighting, right? Nobody can be except for the eye witness or supposed eye witness to the UFO event? Without this it fall's right into the category of "maybe" or even if it ranks a wee bit higher than that, it might fall into the "probable" category?

Here's the brilliant video uploaded to YouTube by Jean-Michel Tenac:

If you know someone who might appreciate it, would you share this post with them, thanks. Also if you have any thoughts and opinions on what we're all seeing here, please could you share them below in the comments section, cheers.

Credit: Jean-Michel Tenac YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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